Cost Of Pest Control Service Kholo – Do You Have Rat Or Mice Problem?

cost of pest control service kholoCan you identify if your home is infested with mice or rats? If your home is infested by these rodents, it can also help in getting rid of them if you know what you are dealing with.

Let us classify now and see the difference between rats and mice.


· Commonly shorter and weigh less than rats

· White, brown or grey

· Have triangle-shaped snouts with long whiskers

· Have floppy ears and long, thin covered in hair tails

· Have small feet


· Have long, hairless tails

· Grow larger and will weigh more than mice

· Coats are commonly white, grey, brown or black

· Have blunt snout

· Ears are more appropriate to their body size

· Have larger feet, especially their hind feet

While both rats and mice are nocturnal creatures, they also share some difference in characteristics. For instance, rats are much stronger and can get to places where mice cannot. A Norway rat is known for its ability to gnaw on almost any materials it can take a hold on. This pest can gnaw on tough materials such as aluminium, glass, cinder blocks and even metal.

Mice are also great in climbing and can easily fit into tiny spaces. They are also great in jumping and have the ability to get into walls of a home. Those who have a mice infestation will often hear gnawing and running sounds coming from the ceilings and inside of the walls.

Both rats and mice are dangerous and they should not be tolerated to stay on your property as they can harm you and your family in the process. If you think your home is invaded by these rodents, do not let them stay any longer. Find a pest control specialist and have them get rid of them once and for all. If you want to know the cost of pest control Kholo for rodent problems, you may want to ask several professionals so you have options.