Cost Of Pest Control Service Eastern Heights – The Different Types Of Termites

cost of pest control service eastern heightsA single termite may not look as menacing as it is, but if you are presented with a colony, you may even get scared just by the sight of them. A single colony can create structural damage, which you may have to replace afterwards. If you find that your home has been invaded by them, you will have to consider the cost of pest control service Eastern Heights for termite control.

When termites invade, they will mostly send their scouts or swarmers to search for a hospitable habitat. Since they mostly look like winged or flying ants, a lot of homeowners who find them, ignore their presence. And, if you are one of those unlucky ones, you may have already invited them in.

What are the different types of termites?

Subterranean termites. This species mostly create underground colonies or they can stay in moist secluded areas aboveground. A successful colony can even create up to 2 million termites which can be really disturbing. They also create mud tubs which allows them to further widen their territory and gain access to food.

Formosan termites. This species is known for their aggressive and voracious character. They can create intricate mud nests as they are also organized. Their aggressive nature makes them difficult to control.

Drywood termites. Unlike other termites that mostly need moist to create homes, this species as its name suggest infest on dry wood. When found at homes, these termites are mostly nesting in roofs or in wooden wall supports. They can also build nests near a water source and but they do not require much moisture.