Cost Of Pest Control Service Eastern Heights – Signs Your Home Has Bed Bug Infestation

cost of pest control service eastern heights

Bed bug problem can be a bigger problem when not detected early. You may even not realize about them feeding on you until they have finally established heavy bed bug infestation.

Signs your home has bed bugs include:

Unexplained musty odour. A musty smell in your home can be an indication of bed bug infestation. The presence of these pesky critters creates a mouldy scent as bed bugs release pheromones that can be quite strong in an infestation.

Dark, rusty-coloured spots on your mattress. One big sign that home is infested with bed bugs is rusty coloured spots on your mattress or bed sheets. Bed bugs are tiny flat oval shaped wingless insects. It is reddish-brown and has a flat oval shape.

Bed bug shells. These bugs shed their skin as they grow. During their growing stages, they shed their skin and go to the next stage. In a good environment, you will be able to find hundreds of shed skins in one area and may have different sizes depending on the nymphs’ stage.

Common hiding places of bed bugs

These bed bugs are commonly found along the mattress seam, wood frame, headboard, behind wall hangings, carpeting, ceiling wall junctions, curtain seams or even in the sofa. These parasites prefer to lurk on fabric or wood materials.

You should never ignore signs of a bed bug infestation. When you notice any signs of bed bug infestation in your home, better contact a pest control specialist since they are mostly knowledgeable in the proper bed bug removal. Ask for a quote as the cost of pest control service Eastern Heights depends on the pest and enormity of the problem.