Cost Of Pest Control North Tivoli – Common Entry Points Of Pests In Your Home

cost of pest control north tivoli

Pests can a real nuisance when they find their way inside your home. You do not want these uninvited guests to stay in your home as they can cause health issues to you and your family and damage your property.

In the previous article, we mentioned some of the common places pests use to enter your home. Here are other parts of your home that you need to secure to prevent pests from getting inside your home:

Exterior walls and foundation – Check walls and foundation for visible gaps and holes. Make sure that your foundation is a few inches above the soil line. Also, check plants and planting beds near your home, prune plantings so that branches don’t reach your house. Do not use mulch near the house foundation as it can draw termites.

Crawl space – Make sure the screens covering the crawl space has no openings that pests can exploit as the floor above a crawl space can be an entry point for insects. Inspect your crawl space for any possible insect entry point or hire someone who can do it for you.

Soffits, fascia and roof vents – A careful look at these areas may reveal obvious problems. Carefully check junctures between adjoining rooflines, which are common entry points for insects like wasps and yellow jackets. Make sure that all edges in roof vent screens are securely fixed.

Chimney caps – Check your chimney cap at least once a year. If you don’t have one, consider placing one. It can prevent birds, squirrels or raccoons, from making their home in your home. This also prevents insects into your home.

Be sure to seal all possible entry points for pests. Otherwise, you will have to take on the cost of pest control North Tivoli for home infestation.