Cost Of Pest Control Karana Downs – Do Weeds Attract Pests?

cost of pest control karana downsDo weeds attract pests to your yard and home? Yes, they do. Weeds, grasses and overgrown areas create dark, attractive homes for pests. Your lawn should be included in your pest control management. Here are some of the pests that can be lurking on weeds.

Mosquitos – Weeds don’t really attract mosquitoes. What attracts mosquitos to create a habitat on the weedy lawn is the collection of water. Weedy areas holding water to your yard makes it a perfect habitat for mosquitoes. To avoid this, keep your lawn trimmed and remove standing water.

Moles- Though moles appear adorable, these furry, tunnelling pests can cause a lot of damage to your yard. They find weedy lawn a perfect burrow space through which to move.

Bees and Wasps- Many of these stinging insects make ground burrows, and when they do, they prefer areas that are less frequently disturbed. These insects are also known to seize previously damaged spots left by moles.

Beetles, Aphids, and Other Damaging Pests – Increasing brown spots on your flowering plants is an indication of these insects hiding in your weedy lawn. These insects tend to stay in less frequently disturbed areas and eat your ornamental plants.

Your home and yard should have periodic pest control service to prevent pests from infesting your property. You will want to avoid the heavy cost of pest control Karana Downs when pest problems grow out of control. Pest control experts not only provide pest removal and preventative services, but they are also helpful in lawn care.