Cost Of Pest Control Barellan Point – What Are Flying Termites?

cost of pest control barellan point

Your household or property may be experiencing flying termites as rains and cold weather are still hitting Australia. And, it is never good to find these pests around your property because it may mean that they are searching for ways to gain entrance to your home, or worse- there is already an ongoing termite infestation and they are just creating additional colonies.

As most know, the damage termites can create may mean that you need to spend thousands of dollars to get rid of them and fix the damage they created.

Determining flying termites

Flying termites are still normal termites, but they are the ones that reproduce more termites to create colonies. If you find them flying in or around your property, this could indicate that they are already inside your home.

In order to protect your home from them, make sure that you can identify flying termites from flying ants. Here are some ways to identify them:

· Winged termites have a straight-sided waist while flying ants have a constricted waist.

· Flying termites have four equal sizes of wings.

· Winged termites have straight antennae while winged ants have bent ones.

Termite Season

These flying termites called alates commonly come out during big rains and in warmer weather. When you find termites flying around, make sure to contact your pest control expert right away so that they can find their location and remove them from your property. The cost of pest control Blacksoil depends on the service you need for your pest problem.

While it is not a guarantee whether your home has an infestation. These alates may have travelled from your neighbour’s house or came out from a dead tree that is near your home. However, it is still better to contact a pest control professional so that they can inspect your property.