Bird Control Wulkuraka: Best Ways To Stop Pigeons From Nesting To Your Home

bird control wulkuraka

Pigeons are fun to watch from time to time, but they can soon become a menace when build nest in your home. These birds are harmless, but they can cause damage to your property, vehicle and perhaps bring bothersome fleas or ticks into your home.

Here we talk about some of the best ways to keep pigeons away from your home and avoid the constant cleaning of pigeon waste.

Make roosting spots uninviting. Place anti-roosting spike strips. Install these bird deterring devices in landing spots like window sills and ledges. Fixing a string across roosting areas will make landing uncomfortable for pigeons.

The window sills and ledges can be a pigeons place to call home. Place sloping covers to these areas to deter birds.

Don’t feed pigeons to keep them from coming back. Like most animals, feeding pigeons will encourage them to come back for more and attracts more to come.

Remove other food sources. They will flock into your home when they know they can find food. Seal all trash properly and place them in a covered bin. If you have a vegetable garden, you may need garden deterrence devices to keep pigeons away.

Seal all possible entry points. Seal the entry points a pigeon might like the eaves and attic.
If there are any openings that a pigeon may use to get into your home, either seal them fully or place a metal wire mesh.

Also, pigeon nests can block chimneys. There are instances that a bird gets trapped and die inside the chimney. If your home has a chimney, cap it with a metal wire cage to prevent birds from getting in.

Enclose nesting spots with mesh or netting. Pigeons love to make nests on the trays beneath the air conditioning unit. Surround it with mesh or netting to prevent them from nesting.

Look for professional bird control. If all else fails, call the experts in bird control Wulkuraka. They have the experience and knowledge to remove nesting pigeons from your home without harming them.