Bird Control Pine Mountain: Gentle Devices That Can Deter Pest Birds Effectively

bird control white rock

While it’s a joy to see birds around, they can be bothersome at times. Pest birds can cause damage to the property. Bird droppings can mess up your surrounding and carry harmful elements that can cause diseases.

Good thing, there are gentle bird control Pine Mountain you can use. Here are some products you can use to deter pest birds.

VISUAL SCARE DEVICES. There are bird deterrent products you can find on the market. Place these visual scare devices in areas where the birds often gather. There are plastic owls or even colourful tapes to scare off birds which work as a scarecrow.

The proper placement is necessary to effectively use the product, otherwise, these pest birds will come back to your property. It is best to move the bird scare product around your property every three days as birds are clever creatures. The birds will recognise this just as a simple background if the device is located in the same position for a long time.

ROOST INHIBITORS. This particular bird scare product is made to stop roosting behaviour of birds. As birds will mostly land on ledges, tree branches window sill, and so on, these roost inhibitors will deter birds from landing on those places. The most commonly used roost inhibitors are bird spikes which can be installed permanently and will require little to no maintenance. They are not dangerous or harmful to birds so you do not have to worry.

CLEAR STICKY COMPOUND. This can be an alternative for bird spikes. This is used to prevent pigeons, starlings and sparrows from landing or roosting on most flat surfaces. This non-drying sticky compound adheres to all surfaces.