Bird Control North Ipswich: Why Pest Control Is Necessary For Food Warehouses

bird control north ipswich

For many large food warehouses, pest birds can be a problem. Without proper means of bird control, pest birds can easily sneak into feast on food inside the warehouse.

Pigeons often fearlessly sneak into buildings in search of food. They will land just about anywhere they feel safe around a food warehouse. On the roof, on stacks of wood pallets and even on the tops of dipsy-dumpsters.  

Once a building becomes appealing for pigeons, they can quickly learn how to enter. And once they found a way inside, the problems to deal with may include:

One of the effective bird control North Ipswich means against pigeons in food warehouses is heavy-duty polyethylene bird netting. This bird deterring product blocks birds from entering unwanted areas. A good netting must be made of UV stabilized mesh that’s rot and waterproof and is “sub-zero” stable and non-conductive. The netting is available in various stock sizes and custom cuts. The 2-inch mesh netting can effectively deter most pigeons. When installing bird netting, ask a bird control professional for proper installation.