Bird Control Booval – Health and Safety Risks Of Birds Nesting Near Your Property

bird control boovalBirds are often seen as our feathered friends, but sometimes they can be quite annoying. Pest birds can actually pose health hazards and that is what makes bird control Booval an important pest control service. If you have pest bird issues and see more nests in your property, you may want to have it controlled and treated effectively and humanely.

Health and safety risks

Bird mess can leave several health and safety risks. Bird droppings can block drains and even get electronics, lighting or other fixtures to cause short circuits and interruption to your power supply which may lead to a fire.

Bird droppings carry 60 disease organisms that can be transmitted to humans and animals. The risk is higher for both very young and very old and so as those who have weak immune system.

Bird mess can also infect the water and surfaces from which the birds dropped them which could be transferred to people or animals who get in contact with it.

Other issues of birds nesting near your property

Birds nesting near electrical installations can also cause damage to the wiring. They may also build nests on the vents, rafters, gutters, ledgers and locations that are pretty much elevated. The mess they create may cause clogging and contamination.

How do you repel birds away?

There are some pretty good ways to keep birds away from your property. Calling in the experts in pest control at the first sign of pest birds problem can help keep them away from your property and protect the people and pets on the property.