Ant and Termite Treatment North Ipswich – How Do Ants Get In Your House?

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Ants are everywhere and they can come to your house without you even noticing they have already infiltrated your kitchen. But where are these ants coming from? Do they live inside your house or outside?


While we may not want it, but some ants have always been inside your home. In fact, they may have been born there without you knowing it. Have you seen ants on the kitchen wall? Have they appeared all of a sudden just minutes after leaving a dirty plate on the kitchen table? Their quick appearance may be because they have always been there.

Some ant species can create nests inside your home. They mostly use wall voids or rotting wood to create their nest, which means that a colony may be present and you have several generations of ants living under your roof.

Cracks and Crevices

Cracks and crevices can call the attention of ants who live outdoors. Seams of walls and windows and doors and vents are a common location for gaps and air exchange between the home and the outside. These gaps are large for those ants to create a path to your home.

Search for these seams, and check areas where holes have been made in windows, vents, walls, and the likes and check if ants are present.

If you think your home has an ant infestation, contact an expert in ant and termite treatment North Ipswich right away so that they can find the location of the ants inside your property and remove them for you right away.